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Why it's just not working for you...

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

Most people know the Law of Attraction is real, they can feel it- it makes sense. However when they try and implement it in their own life it just doesn't work. No matter how hard they positively focus, that new house/car/job/relationship just isn't manifesting. It's frustrating and confusing. So how do we close the gap and get from where we are - our current life circumstances and everything in it, to where we want to be? Well this picture illustrates what normally happens pretty well. Sometimes we can feel down, stuck, things aren't going as we'd like. If we come from that place and just "think positively" it's not going to shift anything at all. We are essentially sitting in our crappy energy, wishing for it to be different.

We know that what we resist, persists...

If instead we accept the present moment and everything in it, inwardly surrender these patterns over to the divine, listen for guidance and then take inspired ACTION to change, that is where the true power lies, that is when things in your life will shift. Scenario 1: Your car keeps breaking down, so you create a vision board with pictures of cars you like, you wish for a new car, you imagine yourself in it but it doesn't manifest. Scenario 2: Your car keeps breaking down. By yourself or with support (friend/therapist etc) you allow yourself to sit with the feeling of being stuck with no transport. It reminds you of a time when you were 5yrs your Mum wouldn't drive you an important event, you had suppressed those feelings of being stuck with no transport for so long you didn't know they were there (it was from this unhealed place your car situation was manifesting). You feel and unlock those original feelings, they release from your being. Big energetic shifts happen. A paradigm shift happens. Now because you aren’t negatively, unconsciously manifesting from this restricted, unhealed place, you can chose to breathe into a new expanded sense of being. You can decide what it is you want, focus on it and actually manifest it.

There is no force that is against you, preventing you from getting what you want. No-one inherently deserves anything in this life more or less than anyone else. Once you heal those hidden aspects of self that are vibrating within you attracting different unwanted experiences, you are unbound by the past and free to make a new choice. From this place you can hold your focus on whatever it is you want and use the law of attraction to your full advantage. Truly awakening to the life you want requires commitment to knowing and loving all parts of you.



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