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About Me

I love the saying “your wounds are your womb to birth your gifts into this world” that was certainly true for me. My wounds have been feeling separate, different, isolated and disempowered.

My soul purpose is helping women feel connected to themselves and eachother, to find a sense of tribe, worthiness, confidence and empowerment.

Growing up I didn’t feel like I fit in anywhere. My Mum is white and my Dad is Indian, I didn’t look like my parents- or anyone in my family. We’d visit my very white family or my Indian family and I’d feel different, like an outsider.  This feeling of separation was here from birth.

I was also always the “fat kid” at school, I was on diets from a young age that never seemed to work and remember feeling confused in kindergarten as to why I had to eat an apple while everyone else had chips at recess. My uniform was specially made, to fit my chubby belly and was noticeably different to everyone elses.

This feeling of difference made me feel incredibly isolated and at 15yrs I hit rock bottom. I was depressed and cutting, sleeping a lot and barely leaving the house.

I was able to drop weight and find some harmony when I had my awakening experience at 18yrs old but although I gained deep spiritual awareness at the time, the deeper issues around self worth were never uncovered/healed and I gained it all back with a vengeance.

My weight reached it’s peak at 150kgs when I was pregnant with my first son.

Turning Point

Something clicked in me and I realised it wasn’t just about me anymore. I wanted to be the best Mum I could be. I wanted to be able to fit down a slide and play on the swings with my son. I loosened my grip on food and the external stuff (it’s never really about food or exercise) and started doing the inner work.

I combined what I learned with my Psychology degree with energy work, somatic processing and various other modalities I had trained in over the years.

I formulated my own process and healed it at the core.

I started to truly love myself and my physical body began to match my energy.

Full Circle


After experiencing bullying in school it was a highlight of my career to teach mindfulness and empowerment programs to teenage girls. I wanted to give them the tools it took me a lifetime to learn,  to give them a new perspective, connect with themselves, drop judgements, have the tools to stay solid in this crazy world of school. 

Hearing them talk about how this awareness had completely changed their lives was phenomenal. Witnessing them connect with girls in the school they would never normally talk to, seeing them walk with their heads up and shoulders back, loving themselves exactly as they are.. Words can't express how grateful I was to serve them.

Goddess Circle!

In 2015 I started Goddess Circle, the first of it’s kind in Western Sydney. I created exactly what I would have needed. A safe, judgement free zone where women could connect on a deeper level with their essence, love, find a tribe and feel seen, felt and understood.

That expanded into retreats, workshops and talks and trainings.

1:1 Psychotherapy


As well as space holding in this way, the majority of my work is 1:1 as a Psychotherapist and Medical Medium.

I am so driven and passionate about helping women save time, energy and get out of the struggle with themselves faster. I’m all about rapid upgrade processes that end suffering on an individual and collective level.


I believe we are all God, in different forms. We all have unique gifts to share, stories to tell and medicine to bring into this world.

My vision is a new earth, centred in love and an understanding of one-ness and it’s starts right here, in our own hearts.


If you are feeling called to activate your gifts, move into a deeper state of love, connect with tribe and share this vision, I cannot wait to serve you.


All my love,


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