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Updated: Oct 23, 2018

The sisterhood is rising and we are in the process of reclaiming our bodies, our sexuality and our divine femininity.

This needs to be an all-inclusive process as we come back into balance ensuring we aren’t still rejecting aspects of ourselves or others. What does this look like?

If you want to shave your arms and legs because that what YOU like then that’s great! If you like how it feels to wear make up, paint your nails, dye your hair, put in false lashes, get fake boobs, keep your naked body for yourself/your partner, then do that!

If you want to grow your arm and leg hair out because that’s what you like, that’s great too! Run through the forest naked, paint with your menstrual blood, dance like a wild woman………

Express the sacred feminine however you like, but one way is not more sacred/divine. Its just that certain things have been suppressed for so long, we were told they were wrong; as we reclaim all of us we open to all the possibilities available and after exploring these maybe some of the old/accepted ways happen to be what feels best for you. I like to shave, that doesn’t make me less of a feminist, I don’t do it because I have external pressure from my partner, that’s just how I roll.

Everything that we express is imbued with energetic intention. Authentic expression is important and this looks different for everyone

One way is not more feminine than the other. One way is not more sacred than the other.

This new paradigm is an opportunity to learn our preferences and express those, and accept other women and their choices fully and without judgement.

In the past, women may have exclusively worn makeup, heels etc because that’s what men like. We shouldn’t reject those expressions all together because we are moving into this new phase of radical self love.

Its a process of reassessing everything and deciding in each moment: “Does this feel good for ME right now?” “If I released the need for approval, how would I like to express my truth in this moment?"

Sometimes I want to have long red nails and wear make up, sometimes I take them off and get right into kick boxing and go weeks without wearing makeup. Neither of those are the right way, or spiritual way, or feminist way, they are my way and I can chose to change my mind about any of it tomorrow.

Any aspect of self or others that we reject needs to be looked at with new eyes of compassion and understanding.

Let’s fully accept each others way of being.

One is not more feminine or feminist than the other. One is not more sacred than the other.



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